Opening New Account

There are no minimum order requirements to open an account however it is mandatory to buy at least one swatch ring from any one of our Programs to be able to order with us. However, please know that customers are confined to placing orders only from the swatch ring/s they purchase.

In order to open an account, customers must first send a copy of their business license and tax id following which they need to buy swatch ring/s of their choice. This will give them access to information (price lists, stock check etc.) about products they have purchased samples for. Sample rings can always be purchased in stages.

All our in-stock products are represented through various swatch rings. Please know that except for swatches of dhurrie pillows that come in size 8”X8”, all swatches come on rings in size 16”X16”. Please contact our office to get cost of swatch sets.

Following swatch rings make up our programs:

  • Window Treatment:
    1. Swatch ring for Drapery Program 1-8.
    2. Swatch ring for The River Collection.
    3. Swatch ring for The Oxford Collection.
  • Swatch ring for Matelasse Bedding program.
  • Swatch ring for Velvet drapes and Lumbar pillow collection.
  • Swatch ring for Dhurrie pillow program.
  • Swatch ring for woven linen lumbar and decorative pillow program.

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